CCELL EVO Powered 510 Cartridges | Review

By VapingVibe 2022-12-29

"CCELL delivers some of the best flavors I've had from a 510 cartridge, with an excellent draw and more than ample vapor production. If you are looking for some new 510 cartridges - trust me, you won't be disappointed with either of these."

See the original post from VapingVibe for more information about the CCELL EVO-powered 510 cartridges.

CCELL has been at the forefront of atomizer and vape cartridge technology for years, and their TH2 and M6T cartridges are well known in the world of cannabis oils.

With the rapid increase in the diversity of cannabis extract types, CCELL decided it would make sense to create something that works seamlessly with everything – enter CCELL's new generation heating technology, CCELL EVO.

This heating technology is designed to provide an enhanced taste, with more vapor and a more consistent vape experience. 

To start, CCELL is implementing the changes on two of its popular best-selling carts, the TH2 & M6T, both of which have 510 threading and a 0.5ml & 1ml capacity.

Below we will cover in detail what the EVO heating technology consists of, along with how well these new carts perform.

Specs & Features

TH2-EVO Specifications:

  • Standard 510 thread

  • Tank Volume: 0.5ml / 1ml

  • Dimensions: Φ0.41 × 2.05H/2.44 (in) / Φ10.5 × 52H/62H (mm)

  • Screw-on mouthpiece

  • Borosilicate glass body

  • Medical-grade stainless steel center post

  • Available for customization (for oil brands)

M6T-EVO Specifications:

  • Standard 510 thread

  • Tank Volume: 0.5ml / 1ml

  • Dimensions: Φ0.41 × 2.26H/2.67 (in) / Φ10.5 × 57.4H/67.9H (mm)

  • Press-in mouthpiece

  • BPA-free thermoplastic body

  • Medical-grade stainless steel center post

  • Available for customization (for oil brands)

Design & Style

Looking from the outside, you would consider both of these cartridges to be just like any regular 510 cartridges. However, the real essence of these new EVO cartridges is what’s inside.

CCELL has spent a lot of time and effort improving its coil development to try and enhance the overall vape experience. 

So what’s new here, and why are these EVO cartridges so special?

Firstly, CCELL has optimized the ceramic formulation surrounding the coil and the coil design itself to better thermal efficiency. Based on SDR lab testing and user sensory panels, they claim the EVO technology produces 50% more vapor for live resin and 28% more vapor for THC distillates.

There has also been advancement in heat distribution to make it more even across the board and more consistent in atomizing a wider variety of cannabinoids and terpenes. CCELL claims that this ultimately leads to 34% enhanced flavor from your vape.

The coil also has advanced oxidation-resistant treatment to improve longevity and resistance. This is said to lead to a 20% improvement in overall consistency. 

Lastly, these advances the EVO technology brings also reduce the production of harmful byproducts like aldehydes and ketones by up to 57%.

CCELL also points out that it’s a more sustainable solution with production due to its aqueous system casting that requires requiring a third less processing. Which effectively reduces carbon footprint by 35%.

Ok, so that all sounds great. But at this point, it could be just numbers and a marketing spiel to you and me. The real proof is going to be in their performance.

However, before we get on to that, let’s look at the difference between the TH2-EVO & M6T-EVO cartridges.

The TH2-EVO utilizes a screw-on mouthpiece with a borosilicate glass tank, while the M6T-EVO has a press-fit mouthpiece and a thermoplastic housing for the tank. 

Both have the same stainless steel center post and coil inside, so they are the only fundamental differences.

I usually prefer glass tanks as I feel they deliver better taste, but I have to say there’s very little difference in the build quality between the two, both are extremely sturdy and well-made.

It’s also worth mentioning that both mouthpieces are incredibly comfortable to use. CCELL also offers mouthpieces in a wide variety of materials and designs. All look equally nice, but I’m happy with the ones they sent.

I also tested both cartridges on several 510 devices. Again, there were no issues with the threading or connection, and they are definitely compatible across the board.

For my testing, I used CCELL’s own Rizo battery, which is a compact and easy-to-use device.


Ok, so we’ve already highlighted the fact that CCELL claims the new EVO heating technology leads to enhanced flavor, larger clouds, and maximum consistency. I’m sure all you’re interested in at this point is, is that true?

In a word…Yes!

It’s tough to explain but even from the very first inhale, these cartridges and coils just hit differently than any others I’ve tried.

Firstly the flavor they produce seems to be cleaner and more true to the intended flavor of my oil. It’s like you begin to notice more nuances coming through from the plant.

The difference might not blow you away with everything you use, but it’s definitely noticeable.

This is enhanced slightly by the smoothness of the draw. Both these cartridges are damn smooth with the vapor production. 

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time or luxury to test them with every type of consistency or cannabinoid I could get my hands on. However, from what I tested, I can confirm they produce more dense and fuller vapor than regular cartridges.

Again it might not be across the board with everything you throw in there, and it’s not sky-filling levels of clouds. But it certainly does make a difference.

I think the combination of a more full vape, with a smooth draw and clean flavor, just elevates the whole experience.

It’s also worth noting that both the TH2-EVO and M6T-EVO performed the same. So it really comes down to which style of tank you prefer.

I can safely say that CCELL hasn’t just created some marketing gibberish with their EVO technology. They have definitely worked some magic, and I’m mightily impressed.

So much so that I think I’m going to find it hard to go back to regular cartridges.

Good Vibes:

  • Clean looks

  • Good build quality

  • Super smooth draw

  • Excellent vapor production

  • Best flavor I’ve had from a 510 cart

  • Comfortable mouthpiece

  • No leaking 

  • Various mouthpiece options available (for oil brands)

  • Good 510 connection

Bad Vibes:

None that I can think of


The TH2-EVO & M6T-EVO are exceptional 510 cartridges.

I was a little skeptical going into this, but both cartridges really deliver on CCELL’s promise.

They deliver some of the best flavor I’ve had from a 510 cartridge, with an excellent draw and more than ample vapor production.   

I know this has turned into a bit of a love-in with CCELL. But I have to be honest, I’ve been so impressed with these EVO cartridges, and they are definitely going to be my go-to choice moving forward.

If you are looking for some new 510 cartridges – trust me, you won’t be disappointed with either of these.

PS. You can find out if your cartridge is powered by CCELL by looking on the bottom of the cart directly above the threading for an engraving of CCELL or CCELL EVO logo. I was notified that the EVO carts are slowly rolling out early 2023, so keep an eye out!


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