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Rizo vs Palm CCELL 510 Vape Battery Review

By Mi-Pod 2022-11-01

"The Rizo by CCELL is small yet powerful. ", "The Palm vape battery hits much better than a standard 510 vape battery for oil carts."

See the original post from Mi-Pod for more information about the difference between CCELL Rizo and PALM.

The Rizo by CCELL is small yet powerful. A little larger than a tiny box of wooden matches, the Rizo includes a low/high switch on the bottom to dial in puff strength and a Type-C Charger port for fast recharging. On top of the device is the opening for the 510 carts and 3 bar LED light showing the charging level and when it is drawn. Both the Rizo and Palm CCELL vape batteries require that you screw a small magnetic adaptor over the cartridge threads, so the magnet in the device holds the cart in place yet is easily removed. Switching between devices is trivial because they both use the same adaptor. Pull it out of one and drop it in the other. The 3-bar power indicator on top of the device shows the battery charge level and will light up when it is drawn. The location makes it very hard to see when toking, but I can see over my nose that it comes on.


  • Battery Capacity: 300mAh

  • Type-C Charging

  • Output Voltage: Low Setting: 2.8V High Setting: -3.3V (H)

  • Dimensions: 62.7H x 34W x 14.8D (mm)

  • Aluminum Alloy Housing

  • Standard 510 thread

  • Auto-Draw (no button to push)

  • Dual-heat slide switch on the bottom (Low/High)

  • Haptic feedback (slight vibration when a connection is made)

  • Drop-in magnetic cart connection

  • 3-bar LED indicator (charging/hitting)


The Rizo “buzzes” when you drop a cart into it and when you draw from it. This lets you know that the device is connected to the cartridge (a short buzz when a cart is dropped in), and it buzzes the entire time you draw on it. The Rizo buzzes the entire time you are drawing on it, so you know it is getting electricity and providing vapor from the second you start pulling. Most vape batteries do not have this feature, so you must stand there drawing - for what seems like forever- before giving up or getting a puff of the good stuff.

I imagine if you owned a device with an on/off button, it could turn on and get hot in your pocket. Maybe some devices could misfire, and you wouldn’t know until things heat up down there. Rizo will let you know with its buzzing that it is firing.

The Rizo hits well. On its low setting, it provides about the same amount of air to pass through as its high setting, but on low, it provides about ½ as much vapor and only a hint of whatever you are vaping. This was too weak for me, but for many people who cough more than they vape when hitting 420 carts, this will be your “go-to” setting.


The Palm vape battery hits much better than a standard 510 vape battery for oil carts and in my opinion, even hits better than other vaporizers that I enjoy like the Swon. The Palm allows more air to pass through providing additional flavor.


I like that there is no on/off switch, nothing to adjust, and no moving parts. I can palm it from a pocket, hit it, and quit it without anyone being wiser. It is a small, discreet, stylish device perfect for bars or events. Both Rizo and Palm batteries are wrapped in aluminum alloy casing with a nice-looking paint job in many great colors. I just bought five of them in various colors because I like the way it hits, and I plan on sticking a few in Christmas Stockings as well.


  • Battery Capacity: 500mAh (250 puffs between charges)

  • Micro-USB Charging

  • Dimensions: 55.0H × 42.0W × 8.9D (mm)

  • Aluminum Alloy Housing

  • Standard 510 Thread

  • Auto-Draw (no button to push)

  • Drop-in magnetic cart connection

  • Build-in “stealth” LED Indicator (charging/hitting)

It is a very streamlined and stylish little battery that looks much like a Nic. pod device from one angle, and a futuristic little hitter from the other.


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