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Glass Cartridge with EVO Heating Tech

Standard 510 thread

Tank Volume: 0.5ml/1ml/1.2ml

Dimensions: Φ10.5 x 52/62/66.2 (mm) / Φ0.41 x 2.05/2.44/2.60 (in)

Resistance: 1.4Ω

Aperture size: 4 x Φ2mm

CCELL EVO ceramic heating element

Snap-fit/screw-on mouthpiece (0.5ml & 1ml)

Snap-fit mouthpiece (1.2ml)

Borosilicate glass body

Medical-grade stainless steel center post

Available for customization

Cutting-Edge Heating Technology

Cutting-Edge Heating Technology

Built with CCELL EVO ceramic heating element, the TH2-EVO provides a premium sensory experience that will satisfy your cravings for authentic flavors, larger clouds, and maximum consistency.

Wide-Ranging Mouthpiece Options

Wide-Ranging Mouthpiece Options

Stand out from the crowd with stylish TH2-EVO mouthpiece options! These options are available in various materials such as ceramic, metal, plastic, biodegradable PLA, and wood, as well as multiple shapes, including duckbill, bullet, hourglass, and barrel.

Hassle-Free Batch-Capping

Hassle-Free Batch-Capping

Streamline your production process with a quick, hassle-free snap, and save valuable time and resources with our snap-fit mouthpiece design. Batch-capped* at 50 pieces at a time, this cartridge provides a tight, secure seal in a flash.
*Batch-capping only available for snap-fit mouthpieces.

Maximum Performance and Safety

By combining best-in-class materials with both optimally calculated porosity and the perfect body-size, EVO delivers the ultimate in reliability and enjoyment.

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Screw-on Mouthpiece

Simple to use, allows operation by hand


Glass Housing

Ultra-safe anticorrosion properties, maintains excellent oil taste


Stainless Steel Center Post

Medical-grade material offers maximum safety

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