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Rizo 510 Battery, Perfect for All Lifestyles

By Cannabis Now 2022-09-14

"Featuring a new temperature control switch and a host of additional interactive features, the new Rizo 510 battery by CCELL continues the brand’s legacy of innovative atomization technology for everyone who enjoys vaping on the go."

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CCELL is at the front of the pack when it comes to portable vaping. With continued product development efforts led by a team that consists of more than 50% engineers, CCELL has created some of the most innovative, reliable and safest vaporizer technology available. The latest 510-thread battery release, the Rizo, is the hotly anticipated follow-up to the PALM—one of the most popular vape batteries of all time.

The new Rizo is an interactive 510-thread vape battery that continues the company's philosophy of striving for extraordinary performance. It also incorporates the proprietary technology used in all CCELL batteries so you can be sure you'll get delicious, efficacious clouds with every pull.

"We developed Rizo to look more like an everyday device rather than a traditional vape pen, so that end-users can easily integrate it into their daily lives,” said Joe S., CCELL's vice president. “We want to offer high-quality products that are palatable to people with a variety of lifestyles."

Featuring a range of innovative and interactive features and a user-friendly design, the Rizo checks all the ideal boxes for premium vape batteries: design, function, innovation and affordability.

Get Total Control

Hands down, the most exciting new development in the Rizo is the ability to control your vaping experience just how you like it. An intuitive dual heat switch located on the bottom of the device allows you to choose your preferred heating temperature.

The two settings are indicated with an engraved "H" and "L" allowing you to set your preference of flavor and potency with just the flick of a switch.

The "H" setting is considered the "potency" setting and provides 3.3V of power. This setting is suggested to be the option for larger clouds and maximum potency—perfect for heavy-hitting vapers. Even at the highest temperature setting, the ceramic coils won't burn your extracts.

The "L" switch, with 2.8V of power, is recommended for flavor lovers who enjoy true-to-taste extracts and those who prefer high terpene products such as live resin and rosin. 

Sleek, Contemporary Design

Designed with discretion and efficiency in mind, the Rizo battery is a true game-changer in 510-thread batteries. The palm-sized device is the perfect companion wherever you go—whether that be on a hike, hanging out with friends, running errands or traveling.

The compact Rizo is 2.47″ tall by 1.34″ wide, so it's roughly the size of a lighter. The rectangular body has rounded edges for a clean, contemporary look and the sleek, metallic casing gives the device a high-quality feel that feels good in your hand.

Getting started is super simple. Connecting your cartridge is made even easier with a new magnetic attachment, so you can just drop and go. You don’t need to press a button to fire up the Rizo, either—simply inhale and enjoy!

It's All About the Details

To maximize your experience, CCELL has added even more updates to the new Rizo performance battery. Minor changes make for a big impact. 

Type-C charging

One of the most significant improvements of the Rizo is the conversion to a Type-C charging port, providing powerful and reliable charging, so your vape is ready for action whenever you are. The Rizo’s Lithium-ion battery with a 300mAh capacity rating has been meticulously tested and built to be stable and consistent with a superior long-lasting charge.

Battery Status Light

One of the most frustrating things with vape batteries is the unknown battery status. The Rizo features a never-before-seen three-bar LED status light at the top of the vape that emits a gentle white glow when activated. This serves two purposes: It lets you gauge your battery status and also lets you know that the cartridge is actively being charged.

Haptic Feedback

The Rizo comes to life when you insert the cart and inhale with the addition of haptic feedback. The gentle vibrations turn the battery into a multi-sensory device, making it easier to know when you’ve taken a single hit. 

Silicon Casing

To keep the Type-C charging port and heating switch protected against dust and debris, the Rizo features a silicon cover that easily snaps on and off. This thoughtful addition prevents damage and prolongs the lifespan of your battery.

All in all, the Rizo offers a new, world-class atomization option that incorporates the intuitive engineering you’ve come to expect from CCELL. If you’re looking to make the switch to a new 510-thread battery that has what it takes to keep up with your busy lifestyle, you won’t find better than the Rizo.


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