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CCELL Palm Pro | Review

By Vaping Vibe 2023-02-07

"The Palm Pro isn't just about the sleek super slim design. It has plenty of features like 3 voltage settings, preheat, and adjustable airflow that all deliver. It also has an excellent auto-draw activation switch and can perform as well as devices that are more substantial. An excellent 510 vape battery - highly recommended."

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The Palm Pro is CCELL's latest 510 vape battery and is an update to the original Palm.

The Palm Pro is one of the slimmest 510 batteries you will come across and now comes with all the features to compete with other top devices.

It has a built-in 510mAh battery that features three voltage outputs, a 10-second pre-heat mode, and adjustable airflow. It is rechargeable via USB Type C.

The Palm Pro can be used with any 510-threaded cartridge up to 11mm in diameter. In addition, it comes with a magnetic adapter that simply drops-in into the device.

The CCELL Palm Pro is available in 5 colors: Ombre, Green, Black, Purple, and Powder Blue.

The Good

Sleek compact design, excellent build quality, three voltage settings, preheat mode, excellent auto-draw, adjustable airflow, USB-C charging, compatible with most 510 carts.

The Bad

It could've only come with a larger magnetic adapter for further compatibility.

The Bottom Line

The Palm Pro isn't just about the sleek super slim design. It has plenty of features like 3 voltage settings, preheat, and adjustable airflow that all deliver. It also has an excellent auto-draw activation switch and can perform as well as devices that are more substantial. An excellent 510 vape battery – highly recommended.

CCELL Palm Pro Specifications

  • - Device dimensions: 57.5 x 41.9 x 13.7mm

  • - Battery Capacity: 500mAh

  • - Charging: USB Type C

  • - Output Voltage: 3 Voltage Settings (2.8/3.2/3.6V)

  • - Magnetic 510 Connection

  • - Adjustable Airflow

  • - 3-Bar Battery Status LED

  • - Inhale Activation Firing

  • - Drop-in magnetic connection

CCELL Palm Pro Kit Contents

  • - 1 x CCELL Palm Pro Device

  • - 2 x Magnetic Cartridge Adapters

  • - 1 x Type-C Charging Cable

Design & Style

The CCELL Palm Pro blew my mind when I took it out of the box. I couldn't quite believe just how petite and slimline it was. Especially considering it still houses an in-built 500mAh battery.

The form factor of the Palm Pro is a rectangle shape which is 57.5mm tall and 41.9mm wide. On one side, it has a rounded section to fit the 510 cartridge, which is 13.7mm deep.

However, even the measurements don't do it justice, as they are from the broadest part of the device, where the tank sits. But the main body is super thin and probably one of the slimmest I have encountered.

The design and styling of the Palm Pro are pretty sleek; it has a metallic paint finish, and I really like the gradient two-tone 'Ombre' color of the one we have for review. However, there are other more subtle and simple color options.

The chassis is made from Aluminum alloy, so it's also incredibly lightweight, and you'll have no issues carrying this device around.

The Palm Pro comes with two magnetic adapters, which are used to screw onto your 510 cartridges. It's then super simple to drop your cartridge/atomizer into the device. It connects really well through the magnets, with little to no play, but it is still easy to remove. It also means the cartridge sits within the device with only the mouthpiece protruding, so it is protected.

The Palm Pro can only support cartridges up to 11mm in diameter, which is to be expected with such a small device. However, that means it is still compatible with about 90% of those on the market. You might have to be a little particular about the height of the cartridge to ensure the mouthpiece is at the right height. I think anything that's at least 30mm tall should be fine.

Beneath where the cartridge connects to the device, you have an airflow adjustment switch. It's a slim airflow slot, but adjustments really do make a difference to the air intake. The switch has the perfect amount of resistance and doesn't move freely by itself.

On the top of the device, you will see three LED bars and the button to change settings, and on the base of the device is the USB-C port for charging.

I'm really impressed with the design and build quality of the CCELL Palm Pro. Not only is it super slim and compact, but it also has a modern and elegant look to it. It's definitely one of the most appealing 510 batteries I've come across recently.


The CCELL Palm Pro is powered by a built-in 500mAh battery.

It has an adjustable voltage with three different settings. The voltage output can be changed by pressing and holding the button on the top of the device. Then the three LED indicators highlight which setting you have with the following: 

  • 1 LED = 2.8V

  • 2 LEDs = 3.2V

  • 3 LEDs = 3.6V

The LEDs also light up each time you take a draw on the device to show your setting.

The LEDs are also used to show your battery status. This will be shown either when charging the device or if you quickly press and release the button at the top. The battery levels are as follows:

3 LEDs = > 70% Battery

2 LEDs = 40-70% Battery

1 LED = 10-40% Battery

1 Blinking LED = <10% Battery

The Palm Pro also comes with a 10-second pre-heat function, which is especially significant when using thicker oils. This can be activated by pressing the button twice.

The Palm Pro is draw-activated, so you don't need to press a fire button. Instead, every time you inhale, it will activate and fire the device.

As mentioned above, the Palm Pro also has adjustable airflow. So it's got quite the feature set for such a small compact battery.


The Palm Pro may be a petite and compact device, but when it comes to performance, it's just as capable as some of the more substantial 510 batteries.

I tested the Palm Pro with a mix of cartridges. I had no issues with compatibility; all fitted the device and magnetic connector fine. However, I didn't have any shorter cartridges to hand. 

I know CCELL includes two magnetic connectors, but I think it would've been a good idea for the second one to be slightly taller to accommodate short cartridges.

I also tested using a variety of thin and thicker oils to see how the Palm Pro would cope. The thinner oils worked great on the two lowest voltage settings. The Palm Pro heated them well, and I had no issues whatsoever.

The thicker oils required me to use the highest voltage setting, and to get the best performance; I always used the pre-heat setting. But, again, it worked flawlessly, and I was really impressed at just how well this tiny little battery could handle everything.

However, what impressed me further was just how good the draw activation is on the Palm Pro. I've had issues with draw activation on 510 devices in the past, but the Palm Pro works as well as some of the best vape pods or disposables on the market. It really makes a difference to the whole overall experience.

It's also worth mentioning the flavor and vapor produced by all of the cartridges tested were as good as any other device I've tried, which is great.

The adjustable airflow works well on the Palm Pro. Once I found a setting I liked, which was just slightly closed off, I stuck to it. But adjusting the airflow definitely does make a difference to the draw.

It's also worth noting that the Palm Pro battery does an excellent job for such a small device. I know 500mAh is common in 510-style batteries, and you tend to use very little power when using oil cartridges. However, I'm on my 5th day of use since my last charge, and it's still going strong, which is impressive. Most conservative users could easily get a week out of the battery. The recharge time is also decent on the Palm Pro as it's only a 500mAh battery.

Good Vibes

  • - Sleek compact design

  • - Excellent build quality

  • - Pocket-friendly

  • - Excellent draw activation

  • - 3 voltage settings

  • - Preheat mode

  • - Magnetic adapter with good connection

  • - Compatible with most 510 carts

  • - Adjustable airflow

  • - Smooth draw

  • - Decent battery life

  • - USB-C charging

Bad Vibes

  • - It could've come with a larger magnetic adapter


The CCELL Palm Pro is an excellent 510 vape battery and one of the best I've had the pleasure to review.

Its compact and sleek styling makes it a joy to look at and carry around. 

It also delivers on the features and performance front. The adjustable voltage, pre-heat, and adjustable airflow functions all work well, and the auto-draw activation is excellent.

If you are in the market for a compact and portable 510 battery, you will not find much better than the excellent CCELL Palm Pro.


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