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CCELL, the Tech Behind Your Favorite Vapes

By National Cannabis Festival 2022-05-30

Chances are, you've seen the CCELL logo somewhere before, but aren't quite sure when, where, or how to find it. Today, National Cannabis Festival will help you resolve this mystery.

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CCELL is a world-leading vaporizer technology brand dedicated to creating the most advanced vaporization technology as well as designing user-friendly and trendsetting hardware. On top of their own line of products, CCELL also uses their top-of-the-line technology and great manufacturing capacity to support many other brands, thus powering some of the best vaporizers in the market.

CCELL first made waves into the vaporizer world by introducing their patented ceramic heating core. This never-seen-before tech was meticulously designed with optimized formula that works with a variety of viscosities, as well as carefully calculated coil structure that allows even heating without creating burnt flavors. This unrivaled ceramic heating core ensures CCELL’s vaporizers release truer-to-taste flavors and higher potency for your favorite extracts. 

Aside from the advanced heating technology, CCELL also pays great attention to product safety. Most of CCELL’s internal components have been upgraded to medical-grade stainless steel to ensure the safest vaping experience and to provide the purest, unaltered flavors. The batteries, too, have gone through rigorous tests prior and after assembly so as to provide the utmost consistency and longevity. 

You may recognize some of CCELL’s iconic and best-selling product such as PALM, DART-X, and its cartridges. All of them are a part of CCELL’s various product lines and is sure to deliver top-notch clouds for the connoisseurs


The smallest product amongst CCELL’s product lines, these cartridges are really what makes or breaks your vaping experience. CCELL cartridges feature the revolutionary ceramic heating element, delivering smoother and cleaner vapors without ever needing to come across burnt tastes. Moreover, most of CCELL’s cartridges have been upgraded into stainless steel center posts to give you a peace of mind when having intimate moments with you and your favorite contents.

One of its most popular products is the TH2 cartridge, made with the finest materials to ensure the delivery of the purest flavors. Its glass casing is secure from oil leakage and promises unaltered flavors of the contents. Once atomized, its stainless-steel mouthpiece allows for cleaner hits and faster cool down – a must-have for connoisseurs who appreciate luxurious vaping experiences. 

510-thread Batteries

Do batteries really make a difference if cartridges are a what determines the flavors and quality of clouds? Batteries are pivotal in delivering consistent and large vapors. CCELL’s batteries have been meticulously tested and built and has proven to be stable, consistent, and lasts longer than most products in the market; after all, you don’t want a battery that dies out on you while you’re enjoying your session.

The palm-fitting PALM is one of the most iconic batteries from CCELL. This stylish beauty supports over 250 consistent, flavorful puffs with every full charge. It’s stealth design keeps the product simple with no buttons, but CCELL’s technology allows for the battery to auto-calibrate to the ideal temperature without such. This best seller has recently came out with refreshing new color-clashing options, perfect for the trendsetters who also love good clouds. 

Pod System

If you love being kept up-to-date with trends and have more control in your vapors, CCELL’s pod systems will be up your alley. Stylish and convenient, CCELL’s pod platforms are designed with ergonomic and grip-friendly designs. Pods can be switched out instantly at just a snap, eliminating all the worries of having to find a magnetic screw connector and such. 

The DART-X further introduces a child-resistant button that also allows for switching between 3 different heat settings, allowing users to take full control of their desired vaping experience and tailor each session according to the material being vaporized.


Disposables are often neglected as they’re often perceived as cheap, dispensable items. With CCELL disposables, this is not the case. CCELL’s line of disposables are so chic and excellently built that you’d wish it weren’t a disposable. You can also expect a wide range of color, size, design, and tank volume options from the disposable product lines.

Standing out among them is the SLYM, a full-metal vaporizer that sizes at only 6.7mm thin while fully retaining the signature vapor delivery of CCELL’s ceramic heating technology. Slip in and out of your pocket or purse easily and enjoy the utmost discretion.

To confirm whether your product is made by CCELL, simply look on the back or bottom of your product or package to see if it’s powered by CCELL. 


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