DART, Ultra Power at Your Fingertips

CCELL Marketing 2018-12-14

Consistency is fundamental when it comes to a vaporizer’s performance. Too often, good times get interrupted by a low battery. Is there a solution to that? The answer is YES. No matter how high or low the battery is, the vaporizer's performance remains the same. This is DART.

20% = 100%

DART is the first CCELL pod product that includes a constant power battery that provides constant wattage output. What does that mean? A vaporizer with constant power delivers the same performance, no matter how much battery life you have left. The result? Your DART is just as great at 20% battery power as it is at 100% battery power. 

Grab and Go

Whether you are in a rush to get to the office, getting ready for the gym, or having a fun night out, DART fits perfectly in your palm to grab and go. The ergonomic design and matte finishing add a touch of smoothness that mixes perfectly with the its futuristic look. With every full charge, DART is able to generate 210+ puffs of pure sensation.

Ready to Excel

True happiness and joy should be simple and effortless, just like DART. DART is immediately activated by inhalation, with zero launch time needed. To save time and optimize the vaping experience, DART incorporates a self-adapted temperature setting in order to create the largest and most flavorful vapor clouds around.

How to Get Your DART?

We are beyond thrilled to have been contacted by a great number of oil brands across the States that are interested in the product. We have been receiving a constant flow of orders after DART's pre-launch. It is overwhelming and humbling to see that CCELL is trusted and recognized by the international industry, and specifically, the US market. 

As the market's needs for DART remain on the rise, we are working with our distributors to bring the incomparable DART experience to your hands. For oil manufacturers, please contact us directly or one of our authorized distributors in each state. 

For customers, stay tuned with your local dispensaries. If they haven't started selling DART yet, let them know you need it and point them in our direction. We truly hope to see you very soon! 


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