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CCELL Go Stik 510 Battery Review: Your New Go To?

By Versed Vaper 2023-11-21

If you are looking for a 510 battery that offers simplicity, beginner friendliness, and which offers excellent performance, the Go Stik is worth checking out. 


Thanks to Versed Vaper for the splendid review!

CCELL has only been around since 2016 but in these few short years, they have made their mark in the world of vaporizers. Their main focus is on 510 batteries and cartridges, with one of our favorites being the Palm Pro 510 battery. They also sell all-in-one and pod devices for concentrates.

The CCELL Go Stik is a pen-style 510 battery that is meant to be paired up with cartridges, including those that are oversized or “wider”. It has two voltage output modes and features an anti-slip body. It comes with a built-in 280mAh battery that recharges with Type-C charging. 

The Go Stik is very lightweight at only 24g and thanks to its oval shape it will not roll around on the table when you lay it down. From the specifications it seems to be a very simple and easy-to-use device, but how does it perform? I tested it for two weeks to find out.

Box Contents

  • 1 x Go Stik 

  • 1 x User Manual 

  • 1 x Warranty Card


  • Dimensions: 91.5mm x 20mm x 15.2mm

  • Weight: 24g

  • Battery Capacity: 280mAh

  • 2 Temperature settings (2.8V/3.2V)

  • Slide to switch temperature

  • Screw-on 510 connection

  • Compatible with all 510 cartridges

  • Battery status LED

  • Draw activated

  • Type-C charging

  • Available in 6 different color options

Design & Build Quality

When you first take the CCELL Go Stik out of the box there are a few things that you will notice right away. The first is that the pen-style shape is actually more flat than round and this prevents it from rolling around, or off, of tables. This is great as it adds some safety to using a battery with an exposed cartridge. However, since the cartridge isn’t concealed and protected in the device, you still have to be vigilant and careful.

The Go Stik is very comfortable to hold in the hand. As I said, it’s more flat than it is round and is 91.5mm tall, 20mm wide, and 15.2mm deep. Thanks to its plastic body, the Go Stik is extremely light and weighs only 24g, making it perfect for taking on-the-go.

For this review, I was sent the Electric Blue version of the Go Stik. It has a two-tone gradient color that is purple near the top of the device and blends into a teal-blue color at the bottom. The design is beautiful and the colors really pop. 

When looking at the front of the Go Stik you will find the battery LED light. Below this is the voltage slider that is labeled “H” (high) for 3.2V and “L” (low) for 2.8V. The slider is etched out and offers some grip. Finally, near the bottom of the device you will find the CCELL logo. There is no logo anywhere on the device that says “Go Stik”. 

510 cartridges easily screw onto the top of the Go Stik. While most cartridges will hold up to 1ml, there is a growing desire for larger carts on the market. Since the cartridge does not sit inside of the device like with other 510 batteries, the Go Stik is able to accommodate oversized cartridges that hold 1ml of oil/distillate and beyond.

The Go Stik will support every 510 cartridge available and is even compatible with 510 wax atomizers. Although it will look quite odd with a big ol’ tank sitting on top of it, it’s possible to use it for this purpose.

With the screw-on design, you also don’t need to worry about using or losing any of those tiny cartridge adapters that accompany the use of “drop-in” batteries.

On the other hand, you have to be more careful with the Go Stik than you would with batteries where the cartridge is concealed within the device. If you aren’t careful, you can easily break or snap a cartridge in your pocket. Drops are another thing that is more concerning with an exposed cartridge device like the Go Stik.

When it’s time to charge your device, you can find the Type-C charging port on the side of the Go Stik.

The only mishap that I experienced while using the Go Stik is something that was completely my fault, but it’s worth mentioning nonetheless. After dropping it once onto the tile floors in my kitchen, the device developed a crack at the top where the shiny plastic meets the matte plastic. There are also some light scratches from me tossing the device in my pockets. As I said, it was completely my own fault for dropping it, but be careful not to drop this battery if you want to avoid cracks.


The CCELL Go Stik isn’t the most feature-filled device. However, its simplicity may be just what some vapers are looking for. The main feature of the Go Stik is its ability to house all 510 cartridges, no matter the size. As I mentioned earlier, even oversized cartridges that go well beyond the standard 1ml size will fit. 

The screw-on design of the Go Stik allows you to quickly and easily install your carts without the need of any adapters. This is great as sometimes those little buggers can get lost easily. In the past, I’ve even thrown them out accidentally while they were still attached to my empty carts; not something that will happen with the Go Stik.

There are two voltage levels that can be adjusted using the slider switch. These two levels are printed on the device just beside the slider button. The “H” represents the highest setting at 3.2V and the “L” represents the lowest setting at 2.8V. 

The CCELL Go Stik is draw-activated and does not require the user to push any buttons to vape. The LED battery indicator will light up white when you take a draw on the device. When the battery is low, the LED will begin to flash to indicate that it is time to charge the device. 

The Go Stik has a 280mAh battery that recharges with Type-C charging, with the port located on the side of the device. This device does not support pass-thru charging so unfortunately you cannot use it while it recharges.

There is no preheat mode on the Go Stik but it heats up material very quickly. I found that as soon as I take a draw, the device reacts almost instantly and quickly heats up the cartridge to start providing decent vapor from the get-go. Even with thick resin oil there was no issue with the device providing good vapor from the first draw.


Considering its small size, the CCELL Go Stik is a force to be reckoned with. It’s powerful enough to vape all types of distillates and oils, no matter the viscosity, while still small and light enough to remain extremely portable.

I tried this device with a few of my favorite cartridges from various brands and the flavor and vapor produced were shocking from such a small device.

The “H” (high) setting at 3.2V provides a flavorful draw with the added bonus of some pretty impressive clouds. The “L” (low) setting does not produce as much vapor but it definitely amplifies the flavor of the material that you use. 

The near instant reaction of the device is a huge pro for me. I was a little worried that materials of thicker consistencies wouldn’t be able to vape well without a preheat setting but boy, was I wrong. Upon inhaling on the Go Stik it’s an almost instant reaction. To add to this, I didn’t experience any clogging of cartridges while using the Go Stik; another big pro. 

The battery size of the Go Stik is quite small at 280mAh. However, it does last a lot longer than I thought it would. I was constantly checking the LED light to make sure that I didn’t miss the flashing light but as it turns out, it actually just lasts a really long time without needing a recharge. 


If you are looking for a device that is lightweight, inexpensive, and easy to use, but which still packs a punch, the Go Stik is a great 510 battery. It isn’t filled with features but its simplicity is the reason that it’s so good. At the end of the day, we’re just looking for something to heat up our carts and the Go Stik accomplishes that goal without hiccups.

I like that the Go Stik can house any sized cartridge that I have and that it does not require any adapters. You can use carts that are 0.5ml, 1ml, or even larger; it’s really up to you. This is versatility that you won’t get with drop-in-style batteries but it’s a tradeoff between the protection that those devices offer and the compatibility of the Go Stik.

The Go Stick has two different voltage levels which allows you to choose between a draw that is more potent and cloud filled (High), or a draw with less clouds and more flavor (Low). Both settings work great but the one that you’ll want to use will depend on the material that you’re using and the experience that you’re after. It’s easy enough to flip the voltage switch and experiment, so don’t be afraid to do so.

Although the Go Stik does not come with a preheat setting, I had no issues with my cartridges clogging. The Go Stik reacts almost instantly with little delay and provides great draws right from the get-go. Normally a lack of a preheat setting would be a con for me, but it doesn’t affect the experience with the Go Stik at all. 

If you are looking for a 510 battery that offers simplicity, beginner friendliness, and which offers excellent performance, the Go Stik is worth checking out. 


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