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How Leading Vaporizer Firm CCELL is Challenging Safety Standards and Enhancing the User Experience with Medical-Grade Stainless Steel

By Grit Daily Staff 2021-10-22

At CCELL, safety is the utmost priority. Watch us set a new safety standard for the vaporizer industry by upgrading cartridge core component materials to medical-grade 316L stainless steel.

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Over the past few years, the smokeless tobacco industry, or e-vapes market, has evolved into a customized, high-wattage device race that is capable of bringing enormous clouds of vapor to the user. Unfortunately, not every company also has users’ health and their overall experience in mind. 

It's a problem that industry leading vaporizing technology firm CCELL has been tackling. Joe Strain, founding member and Vice President of CCELL says that CCELL “is seeing a growing trend in demand for disposable vaporizers,” where consumers “want to be able to try these products on a small scale, without a major financial commitment,” which couples with the patented CCELL® vaporizing technology that Strain says will ensure customers have a “carefree experience.”

1, Improved Medical-Grade Safety and Compliance Technology

Earlier this year, CCELL, the world's leading brand of vaporizers, has upgraded its cartridge core component material to medical-grade 316L stainless steel — setting a new benchmark for safety in the industry.

For the uninitiated, stainless steel is known to be corrosion resistant, but some grades tend to perform better than others. The company’s decision to upgrade to 316L stainless steel challenges the industry’s highest safety standard, allowing for CCELL to provide a component that offers excellent corrosion resistance, which is commonly used in medical devices, pharmaceutical equipment and food processing. 

The company's newest vaporizers such as the Poche and Slym are designed to offer more safety than its competitors by featuring medical-grade 316L stainless steel cartridge components that resist corrosion and possible heating element issues that are common to many vaporizers on the market. 

This once again demonstrates CCELL’s commitment to go beyond compliance and set a new standard of vaporizer safety. CCELL has also already updated the majority of its other product lines, including most of 510 thread (press-fit mouthpiece), pods, and disposable cartridges. 

"While the vaporizer market is rife with low-quality and low-priced products that compromise safety, CCELL instead has always put safety as highest priority since our inception. We take stringent quality control from raw materials to finished products. Our raw materials have been certified by the FDA and RoHS. And finished products are manufactured in facilities certified by ISO and cGMP. By making the switch to 316L stainless steel, we are surpassing our already-high safety standards to create a more enjoyable experience," said Strain.

2, Balancing Disposability with Affordability 

Having a vaporizer that has a larger amount of storage space paired with a thin body design, makes it an ideal vape for every type of consumer-especially for first-time users, Strain explained. 

CCELL's newest line of products, which includes four distinct devices in total, is designed to meet the increased demand for vaporizers that are more personalized, discrete, and portable. Not only are these products safe, but they are also extremely user friendly, stylish, chic, discreet and portable. 

"Not only do these vapes travel well, but it works well every single time. New users usually don’t want to invest a lot of money into something that they’ve never tried before. CCELL helps introduce them into the vaping realm by offering products that are set at a price point that is acceptable for something that they will discard once they are done using it."

CCELL has over 26,000 square meters of manufacturing capacity, with over 48 production lines (20 million cartridges pieces per month) and over 28 production lines distributing over 5 million battery pieces per month. 

3, More Convenience, Better Travel Experiences

Current market demand expects devices that are discrete and portable, making vapes like CCELL’s Memento valuable in its one-year lifespan. 

If you’ve walked into a dispensary recently, you’ll notice a major difference in cartridges, with many having an oil tank design that is not "clear" – something CCELL purposely avoids to ensure new vaping users can easily figure out what they are buying and see how much liquid is inside at any time. 

"We adopt highly automated production lines with the most rigorous and comprehensive production control and management system to handle the largest production capacity in the vaping industry," Strain says.  

The company's ceramic manufacturing provides ceramic heating cores that are 100% created and manufactured by the company with special equipment and unique formula under strict quality control, with facilities covering an area of 26,000 square meters. 

"These ceramic heating elements are designed to replace the conventional wick-based coils and release purer flavors and higher potency of extracts efficiently," Strain added.

Bottom Line

Thanks to CCELL's safety-first approach, vaporizing companies now have a benchmark for safety that the industry can look to in providing users with safe and affordable vaporizing technology. In addition, users can expect a better experience that is worry free due to CCELL’s highest level of standards.


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