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Pod System Pod System

Pod System

Stealthier and lighter compared to traditional 510 thread vapes, CCELL pod vapes are irresistible beauties with ergonomic and grip-friendly designs. 

Cartridge 510 Battery Pod System All-In-One
 Dart-X Battery

Dart-X Battery

The Second Generation of Dart

Dart Battery

Dart Battery

The First Pod System by CCELL.

Bellos Battery

Bellos Battery

Easy on Custom Designs

Dart Series Pod

Dart Series Pod

Compatible with Dart and Dart-X

Bellos Pod

Bellos Pod

Best Coupled with Bellos



Does CCELL POD cartridges test for heavy metals?

Yes, all CCELL POD cartridges have passed the heavy metal test, and the core component material has been upgraded to medical grade 316L stainless steel.

Does CCELL fill POD cartridges?

No, CCELL only produces and sells atomizers. CCELL does not produce, distribute or sell any material filled in cartridges and disposables.

How to open my CCELL POD cartridge and refill it?

It is not recommended. The POD cartridge is only supported for one-time use after being filled. Repeated use will affect the experience.

Can I reuse my CCELL POD battery?

Yes, the CCELL POD battery is a rechargeable battery, which can be charged again after the battery is exhausted.

How to charge my CCELL POD battery?

Connect the Micro-USB charging cable to the charging port on the bottom of the device and the other end to the power adaptor to charge.

Connect the Type-C charging cable to the charging port on the bottom of the device and the other end to the power adaptor to charge.

How long does it take to charge a POD SYSTEM battery?

The charging time varies greatly depending on the battery capacity and the charging port used, but it typically ranges from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

How do I know if my CCELL battery is fully charged?

When the LED indicator blinks 20 times and then fades out, you know the battery is fully charged.

What should I do if my CCELL battery stops working?

First, connect the charging cable to the device and see whether it stops working due to being out of power. If you are unable to charge it or it continues to malfunction after charging, you need contact the merchant where you purchased from for after-sales assistance.

Are CCELL pod system batteries safe?

All CCELL products that contain batteries, in compliance with UN38.3, PI967 and SP188, meet different safety requirements for transportation of lithium batteries, guaranteeing safer products for diversified shipment options.