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Filling & Capping Solution

Quality. Efficiency. Affordability.

Say goodbye to tedious days of manual filling and capping one by one! The CCELL Filling and Capping Solution offers quality, efficiency, and affordability that makes filling and capping your devices a simple task.

Maximized Efficiency, Minimized Labor



Capped at a time



Operational efficiency



Labor cost reduced by



Smaller packaging than before

*Figures calculated based on industry averages. Results may vary slightly depending on different machinery used by manufacturers.

Increased Accuracy and Productivity

CCELL fixtures are made with precision to aid in accurate cartridge alignment and placement, resulting in low failure rates, and avoiding leaks and crushes due to human errors. You can also streamline your workflow and save even more on labor by requesting protective caps preloaded on mouthpieces and threaded connectors in your orders.

Wide-Ranging Compatibility

Our solution seamlessly integrates with the industry’s mainstream automated machinery, easing the process of filling and capping your devices.

Low Investment,
Massive Output

Instead of investing in huge and expensive automated capping machine, choose the more compact and affordable CCELL Arbor Press that caps 50 units in one easy press.

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