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CCELL is a global innovator and pioneer with a mission of leading portable vaporizers to perfection. Founded under one fundamental philosophy of striving for extraordinary performance and creating a world-class leading atomization platform, CCELL commits to technological innovation and product development, aiming to maximize the delivery of health and value in the field of atomization.

How Does CCELL Achieve It ?

Unique Ceramic Formula for Better Oil Absorption

Unique Ceramic Formula for Better Oil Absorption

The oil permeability of the ceramic core is one of the most important factors affecting the atomization effect and the volume of vapor. The utilization of a unique CCELL patent ceramic heating formula and a high-temperature manufacturing formula, allows for the creation of numerous nano-scale pores on the CCELL ceramic heating element, resulting in a greater permeability rate than competing products. So that even the thickest oil can be quickly absorbed, stably stored, and atomized without any waste.

Even Heat Distribution

Even Heat Distribution

CCELL has established the finest approach for fast and evenly transferring heat after numerous tests. The integrated coil is well-designed, with a reasonable resistance, equivalent gap, and the number of turns.  Supported by these features, heat will be promptly and evenly distributed to the entire ceramic core after heating, releasing a large volume of pure and continuous vapor without overheating or scorching.

Stable Energy Supply

Stable Energy Supply

The CCELL battery supplies reliable energy for the ceramic heating element to maintain a consistent flavor and the volume of vapor from the first to the last. Unlike competing products, CCELL's high-quality lithium batteries can perform well even at low temperatures. The best match to go with CCELL ceramic cores.

What's Different

Ceramic Heating Elements

Pure Flavor

Good Consistent performance

Launches at First Puff

Based Technology

Burnt taste, contaminates expensive oil

Inconsistent performance

Requires 5-6 puffs to "launch"

Doesn't Work with High Viscosity Extract