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All-New Technology All-New Technology

All-New Technology

All-New Technology Safety R&D Capability Manufacturing Capability

Say goodbye to vape hardware that clogs, leaks, delivers unsatisfying flavors, and works well with distillates but poorly with high-terpene extracts such as live rosins and liquid diamonds!

Meet CCELL EVOMAX, the advanced heating platform that works flawlessly with your oil. Whether you are working with live rosin, liquid diamonds, live resin, distillate, or another type of oil, the EVOMAX ceramic heating element consistently delivers a clog-free, leak-free, and true-to-strain cannabis experience for your customers.


Designed for All Cannabis Oils

Designed for All Cannabis Oils

100% Live Rosin and Liquid Diamond Ready

Due to its optimized internal structure, the EVOMAX heating element ensures total compatibility with all cannabis oils. This compatibility particularly shines when paired with difficult-to-work-with oils such as live rosins and liquid diamonds.

Anti-Clogging & Anti-Leakage

Anti-Clogging & Anti-Leakage

The walls and pores of EVOMAX heating elements were scientifically designed to ensure a perfect balance between a consistent oil supply and precise vaporization, providing a seamless, uninterrupted consumption experience for your customers. 

Full Flavor Profiles Unlocked Every Time

Full Flavor Profiles Unlocked Every Time

EVOMAX heating elements come with improved heat distribution, promoting more effective terpene vaporization and delivering true-to-strain tastes in every inhale.

What's Different

New Heating Platform

Pure Flavor

Good Consistent performance

Launches at First Puff

Based Technology

Burnt taste, contaminates expensive oil

Inconsistent performance

Requires 5-6 puffs to "launch"

Doesn't Work with High Viscosity Extract