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POCHÉ Disposable: A new Sleek and Discreet way to Vape

By The Emerald™ Media Group 2021-10-13

Want a classy disposable vape? Try Poché!

"I would recommend it to people looking for a new disposable vape product to try. Overall, I felt that it was a great product especially compared to some other vape products on the market."

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This week I got to try out the new Poché vape from CCELL. CCELL is a technology company that focuses on creating advanced vaping products, setting standards for others on the market. 

The Tech

CCELL has created a unique (and patented) vaporizing technology. This allows them to provide even heat distribution, consistent and significant vapor, and a non-burnt-tasting flavor.

CCELL was made to replace the wick-based coil that many vapes have. The wick-based coils often have uneven heat distribution, which can lead to a burnt taste when a consumer uses it. 

CCELL has over 260 engineers working on their products and they own over 400 patents, according to the company. They also make sure to test all of their products before releasing them to make sure they are safe for public use.


The Poché vape is one of their newer models. It is sleek and compact, but it still feels sturdy while not being too bulky. The vape also has a nice criss-cross design on the sides, making it look very classy while allowing for a good grip on the product.

It comes in four matte colors so buyers can pick the style that suits them best. Colors include: black, orange, purple, and blue. Their website says it is available for complete customization. 

There is a visible oil tank design so that users are able to see how much juice is left inside. The Poché vape is disposable but it comes with a usb port so users are able to charge it if the battery is depleted before the product is all gone. The product is activated via inhalation, and there is an LED indicator light that turns on when the vapor is inhaled. 

Additionally, the vape pen holds .5 ml or half a gram of liquid and has a battery capacity of 350mAh. This means if someone is puffing on it constantly, it would last about 1 hour.

My Experience

I used this product consistently for a few days with oil inside. Overall, I found that I quite enjoyed it’s small size, and the design was really cute. I had the blue one. 

It was extremely easy to get a smooth hit. I’ve used many different vape products, and a common problem I find is that the concentrate will get stuck and it will be hard to get any out until after a few tries. This never happened with this product. Anytime I wanted to hit it, it was ready to go, and the product came out quickly and efficiently. 

The amount of product that came out was also great. It was about the same every time, so again very consistent. It was a nice cloud of vapor that went away fast so it can be discreet in more ways than one. 

I used it for multiple days quite frequently and it never ran out of battery. I thought it was great that there was no need to recharge it. 

However, it is worth mentioning that the vape makes a slight noise when one is inhaling from it. While it was not annoying by any means, if someone was trying to sneak a hit in without anyone around them knowing, that could be the one problem I foresee.

I let my friends try it as well and they all remarked about how easy it was to use. I would recommend it to people looking for a new disposable vape product to try. Overall, I felt that it was a great product especially compared to some other vape products on the market. I like that this company is actively trying to change the vape market by using different heating techniques, and I recommend giving them a try.


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