CCELL® Launches PALM Pro, a Powerful High-Performance Battery

CCELL Marketing 2022-11-29

CCELL®, the world's leading technology brand focused on creating trendsetting vape hardware products and advanced vaporization technology, announced today the launch of PALM Pro, a convenient and multi-functional vaporizer battery that is an evolution of CCELL’s most popular handheld battery, PALM. 

PALM Pro was designed to elevate users’ experiences and is equipped with all the features a vape connoisseur yearns for – including voltage settings, airflow control, battery status display, as well as a preheating function. With the introduction of these new features, users can easily heat up the oil in their cartridges regardless of weather conditions, select the voltage best suited for the material in their cartridges, and control the suction resistance that determines the thickness of their vapors. The battery status bars and type-C charging port also come in handy for modern users who value convenience and transparency when it comes to usage. Watch the PALM Pro intro here.

The stylish, 510-cartridge-compatible device carries its predecessor’s iconic design, featuring a magnetic connector that allows users to drop their cartridges instantly into the slot. The new, evolved PALM Pro will be available in five colors, which consumers voted for via social media. For more information, visit

The original PALM battery, released in 2017, first gained popularity due to its discreet design, the body of the device can fit snuggly into your palm, revealing only the cartridge tip for consumption. Since the release of the first PALM, CCELL quickly became the battery and technology innovator that consumers know and love across the globe. 


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