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CCELL Highlights Innovative Vaporizer Hardware at Spannabis 2024 in Barcelona, Spain

CCELL Marketing 2024-03-18

CCELL®, the world's leading technology brand focused on creating trendsetting vape hardware products and advanced vaporization technology, made its debut last week at Spannabis, one of Europe’s largest cannabis shows, and showcased its latest vaporization hardware technologies.

The company stole the show with its diverse portfolio of all-in-one devices. The wide-ranging options include the all-oil-compatible Atom and Voca Max, the 100% rosin-ready Rosin Bar, the compact and discreet Mini Tank, and the environmentally friendly Eco Star, which features a recyclable battery and biodegradable housing, and more. These models vary in terms of oil capacity, extract compatibility, functionality, component materials, and many other aspects, catering to the characteristics of different cannabis oils and meeting the increasingly varied needs of the cannabis market.

As one of the company’s main product lines, CCELL’s 510 batteries attracted significant attention from show attendees within the cannabis industry and beyond. This includes Fino, the brand’s flagship battery designed to offer a highly customizable vape experience, and M3B Plus, which adopted the first-ever 3-bar LED indicators in the M3 series, aiming to create a more intuitive experience for consumers.

AUXO, the company’s sister brand, collaborated with CCELL at the event to showcase its premium flower and concentrate vaporizers. With the aim of building deeper connections with local cannabis consumers in Europe, AUXO also presented its Cenote and Calent vaporizers at Choko Social Club Barcelona, one of the most distinct private social clubs in Europe, allowing the local cannabis community to gain hands-on experience with the trendsetting technologies engineered within the AUXO vaporizers.

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