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CCELL Promotes New Bottom Fill Cartridge ZICO

CCELL Marketing 2022-05-16

CCELL®, the world's leading technology brand with a focus on creating trendsetting vaping hardware products and advanced vaporizing technology, today announced that it has just released its first bottom fill cartridge, the ZICO.

ZICO features CCELL's patented heating technology and upgraded convenience in a unibody design that allows for bottom filling. Unlike traditional top-filling cartridges, ZICO is easier and faster to fill and minimizes the risk of spillage or leakage. It also eliminates the time limit of capping and allows for manual filling, a feature often needed by smaller businesses or boutique brands that do not have automated capping machines.

Offered in both 0.5ml and 1ml sizes, ZICO is made of high corrosion resistance plastic and medical-grade stainless steel.

"Customers are our highest priority, and I am proud of our team for creating this product to meet their everchanging needs," says Joe S., Vice President of CCELL®. " ZICO is a great example of the functional, attractive designs that we will continue to produce in order to lead and innovate the vaporizer industry."


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