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CCELL Showcases Advanced 100% Rosin-Compatible, High-Capacity, Biodegradable Cannabis Vaporizer Solutions at TPE24

CCELL Marketing 2024-02-02

CCELL®, the world's leading technology brand focused on creating trendsetting vape hardware products and advanced vaporization technology, showcased its latest innovations and comprehensive vaporization solutions at Total Product Expo 2024.

The Rosin Bar garnered massive attention from the company's clients and booth visitors. As part of the company’s efforts to build a more diverse all-in-one device line to meet the needs of various cannabis oil brands, the Rosin Bar was built to be fully compatible with rosin and bring out the best from all rosin extracts.

The company also unveiled its high-capacity all-in-one devices capable of holding 2ml and 3ml of oil. These new products were created to satisfy consumers’ strong desires for reliable, extended consumption experiences with true-to-strain flavors, and without burnt tastes.

Another highlight of the show was the company’s eco-friendly all-in-one device, an innovation designed to contribute toward a more sustainable world. It features a plant-based, biodegradable PLA casing and a recyclable battery.

The Fino, CCELL’s one-of-a-kind 510 battery, also stood out at the show with its innovative features and appealing design. Its detachable power dock provides more than five charges for its mini vape battery, ensuring extended access while maintaining maximum discretion during use.


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