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CCELL EVO: Cutting-Edge Ceramic Heating Technology Favored by Brands and Retailers

CCELL Marketing 2023-11-13

CCELL®, the world's leading technology brand focused on creating trendsetting vape hardware products and advanced vaporization technology, has received strong support for and testimonials from satisfied clients on their EVO technology since day one of its launch in 2022.


As the company’s next-generation ceramic heating element, CCELL EVO is increasing in popularity within the cannabis industry for its ability to offer larger clouds, true-to-plant flavors, top-tier consistency, high terpene extract compatibility, and other benefits. These advanced features were designed with customers in mind to ensure that end users are able to have the best possible experience in every inhale. (Click here to watch the CCELL EVO intro video)

CCELL EVO presents a substantial advancement from its predecessor originally introduced in 2016, empowering products that incorporate it to achieve enhanced overall performance. 

"EVO transforms the vaporizing experience by addressing issues that would occasionally arise with past generations like clogging, burnt tastes, slow vapor production, generating consistent performance, and even heating," says Eric Offenberger, CEO of Vext Science. “This new technology ensures faster activation of cannabinoids, offering a potent and efficient vaporizing experience. With improved airflow, it also delivers smoother hits and denser clouds, enhancing consumer satisfaction.”

This cutting-edge technology has been reported as a significant enhancement in both flavor and vapor production by many brands throughout the industry. 

INSA’s Brand Manager Brandon Gilmour comments: “The new ceramic heating technology delivers improved flavor and vapor production that really enhances the overall experience. The vapor production was noticeably denser and more satisfying compared to previous cartridges that I have tried.” 

The company’s Associate Brand Manager Adam Lewis adds: “the EVO cartridge and ceramic heating tech is a game changer and a must-try for anyone who loves to vape.”

Made possible through CCELL’s highly-automated production lines and stringent quality control systems, this new heating element offers unparalleled product quality and consistency. 

“CCELL's quality has been a huge win for us. I constantly hear from budtenders that Jetty carts have very few issues and returns,” says Kate Ransom, Head of Marketing at Jetty. “Consistency is essential for us to retain customers and keep our market share. We are thrilled to have a hardware partner that allows Jetty's consumers to experience the quality of our extracts.”

About CCELL®

CCELL® is a technology brand and global innovator in the portable vaporizer space that revolutionized the industry by introducing the ceramic heating component. CCELL® was born in the headquarters of Shenzhen Smoore Technology Limited, which has more than 10 years of expertise in the vaporization industry. With advanced R&D resources, patented technologies, strong production capability, and reliable quality control systems, CCELL® is recognized around the world for its exceptional vaporization technology and top-quality devices. 

Learn more about CCELL® at as well as on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.  


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