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Why Do Vape Pens Clog? How to Unclog a Cart

CCELL Marketing 2022-07-12

Whether you're vaping at the beach or on a balcony — realizing you have a clogged vape is the most inopportune scenario that could occur.

A clogged vape pen immediately stops vape-filled fun in its tracks, and can be a true buzz kill, from increasing stress to potentially having to get your hands dirty.

Below, we'll discuss everything you need to know about why vape pens clog. From temperature fluctuation to how to unclog a cart, we'll provide all the necessary details to ensure your vape pens avoid the dreaded clog.

The Major Design Flaw of Traditional Cartridges

First, you need to understand the internal design flaw that makes many traditional vape pens prone to clogging.

Below, we'll briefly discuss the key attribute that typically acts as the primary bottleneck in traditional vape pens. By familiarizing yourself with this problematic point, you'll be better equipped to ensure your vape pen maintains a steady stream of delicious vapor.

The Internal Workings of Cartridges

When you hear about or experience a clogged vape pen — the blame typically falls on the design of the shoulders of the coil, and the quality of the cartridge's components.

Originally, cartridges were mostly manufactured with a coil made of metal and a cotton-based wick. As the battery is turned on, heat is transferred to the coil. The coil is the part that retains and distributes the heat directly to the wick, which is in direct contact with the oil.

However, the oil vaporization industry has luckily moved on from the outdated cotton wick and coil design due to the viscosity of most oil-based products. CCELL was actually the first company to perfect ceramic heating technology in vaporizers and continues to lead the industry today.

Although it's uncommon to find cotton wick-based designs for modern-day vape pens, clogged vape pens are still relatively common due to the quality of most modern-day atomizers and heating elements.

Why Do Vape Pens Clog?

Next, let's discuss the various reasons why vape pens clog.

Below, you'll find specific scenarios that elevate the chances of a clogged vape pen.

The Type and Source of Your Oil Matters

Isolate-based products, and live resins/rosins seem to clog many carts more often than distillates due to non-uniform particulate distribution and base viscosity, as well as potential recrystallization of the chemical compounds.

Of course, CCELL cartridges come in different forms with specific functions to perfectly handle every type of oil around.

Additionally, you must make sure that you are buying from companies that use quality oil, and that you always avoid black market sources.

The Viscosity of Oil and Temperature Fluctuations

One of the most essential reasons vape pens clog is the interaction between temperatures, both internal and external, and the oil.

In warm conditions, oil within a cartridge is subject to becoming runny. Alternatively, cold temperatures thicken oil within a cartridge.

Each of these temperature extremes can cause a sudden bout of clogged airflow in your vape pen.

How Cold Oil Affects Airflow

If you're outside during a cold snap or you store your vape pen in a cold location, the oil inside the cartridge is probably highly viscous, or "thicker".

In other words, high viscosity oil becomes harder to vaporize, thus challenging your vape pen's heating element and increasing the chance of a clog.

The cold also restricts viscous oil's movement, potentially preventing it from entering "inlet holes that allow the heating element to draw in oil.

How Warm Oil Affects Airflow

On the other hand, vape pens left in a hot car or in your pocket during a heat wave will result in less viscous, or "thinner" oil.

Oil with less viscosity moves quickly in the cartridge and even runs the risk of spilling into different levels of the vape pen. Thus, warm oil can potentially block key airflow points and provide less than ideal conditions for vaporizing.

Although it's recommended to always keep your vape pen in a cool and dry location — we know it may not always be possible.

How to Fix a Clogged Vape Cartridge

If you're experiencing a clogged vape cartridge — don't worry!

Below, we've listed key steps on how to fix a clogged vape cartridge with relative ease. From simply inhaling slowly to pulling a MacGyver, get ready to learn how to fix almost any blockage.

Inhale Slowly From Your Vape Pen

One of the first steps to take when dealing with a clogged vape cart is to inhale slowly.

We know — it's no fun to "baby" your vape, but it's a proven method to get vapor in a pinch. Inhaling slowly can actually heat up the oil in the cartridge (if your battery is activated by inhaling) to a point where the viscosity is at an optimal level. It can also clear potential blockage within a mouthpiece.

One way to think about this is comparing your device and your breath to an open flame and the air around it. Think about candles or charcoal grills; a fire will always go out if it has no airflow!

*You must be careful with this option in general if you have an inhalation-activated battery, due to the possibility of "dry burn" which will occur if you draw from your product when there is no oil in the heating chamber. This could ruin your cartridge's flavor and burn the oil permanently even if it functions properly.

If you have a vape battery that is activated with a button, you are much safer from dry burn due to the fact that your cartridge will not be heating when you inhale without pressing on it.

Preheat Your Vape Pen

As described above, the best way to avoid being stuck by overly viscous oil is by "preheating" your device.

CCELL products such as the M3b or the Palm Pro allow for a "manual" preheat. Simply press down on the device's button for a couple of seconds before inhaling.

This will warm up the temperature of the oil, which can help kickstart vapor production.

Store Your Vape Pen at Room Temperature

Another method is always to store your vape pen at room temperature.

Storing your device at room temperature allows the oil to remain stable, making it easier to vape.

Although this method significantly reduces the potential for a clogged vape cartridge, it's not always a possibility. Vape pens are touted as the ultimate on-the-go product, which usually lends itself to mean you're not at home in a 70-degree room at all times.

Leave Your Vape Pen in an Upright Position

You can also try leaving your vape pen in an upright position! Keep in mind that this might not be a true solution for actually unclogging a cart, but it may solve the problem that you are running into. Leaving your vape pen in a standing position is only recommended to "unclog" your cart if all of the oil is at the very top of the device near the mouthpiece AND one or more of the following applies:

1. You are unable to preheat it with a button (for example, if your battery is activated by inhalation)

2. You have recently purchased it (dispensaries sometimes leave them upside-down)

3. If your cartridge is extremely cold

4. If you find a cartridge after a long time

Try a Tool or Two

how to unclog a cart | how to fix a clogged vape cartridge

Like we talked about earlier, sometimes turning into MacGyver is the best way to unclog a cart. All you will have to do is remove the cart from your battery and gently remove any visible clumps of residual oil or other blockages with a paperclip, floss pick, or alcohol wipe.

Simply locate any visible "air holes", such as the mouthpiece, and carefully clean them.

What Makes a Good Cartridge?

If you want a cartridge that won't clog — you need to make sure it is one that is equipped with cutting-edge technology.

Below, we'll briefly discuss what makes a good coil to ensure a clog-free sesh.

A Highly Porous Ceramic Core

Whether the oil is exceptionally viscous or not, a highly porous ceramic core allows every oil particle to absorb into the heating element.

This type of core enables various types of oil to permeate the entire surface of the structure effortlessly. In other words, an absorbent, ceramic core evenly disperses oil content to ensure every drop of oil is vaporized.

Many traditional heating elements and atomizers rely on direct contact with ample oil. In essence, the atomizer may get overwhelmed while attempting to generate vapor.

Choosing a cartridge equipped with a highly porous ceramic core (like CCELL's) will avoid this common vaporization bottleneck.

Not all ceramic heating cores on the market are designed the same, and CCELL's formulation is the best on the market by far. CCELL's heating cores are evenly distributed, perfectly porous, and are crafted from the highest quality materials available.

how to unclog a cart -  why do vape pens clog.jpg

Good Coil Structure

Last but not least is the coil structure within a vape pen.

Many vape pens offer basic designs that typically lead to harsh vapor, decreased flavor, small clouds, and clogged vapes. Equipped with a unique patented coil structure, CCELL's heating technology ensures that its proprietary ceramic heating core receives even heat distribution through and through, and is optimized to take on any type of oil in any given condition.

Stop Clogging in Its Tracks and Vape On!

Instead of wasting your time figuring out how to fix a clogged vape cartridge, you can avoid the hassle entirely by buying carts powered by CCELL's revolutionary ceramic heating technology. You'll instantly notice the difference, from increased vapor to deliciously smooth hits, when vaping a cartridge that says "Powered By CCELL" on its packaging or on the cart itself. Don't cheat yourself, you deserve the best vape products on the market.


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