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Hit a Blinker..? Why is My Disposable Vape Pen Blinking?

CCELL Marketing 2023-07-17

Sleek and portable, vaporizers have revolutionized how people enjoy their preferred substances forever. Vape pens have emerged as the preferred alternative to traditional smoking methods for several reasons. Firstly, they offer a smoke-free experience. For those seeking a healthier alternative to smoking, vape pens also carry less risk of harmful byproducts being inhaled than with smoking. Vaping provides a customizable experience, catering to individual preferences. The average disposable is much more portable and discreet than flower or traditional concentrates, suitable for on-the-go use without drawing unwanted attention. These factors contribute to the growing popularity of vape pens among both experienced users and those first setting sail into the sea of green.

Vape pens are much more advanced than simply smoking, meaning there may be a slight learning curve for new users with more complex models. As more people start to choose vapes over traditional consumption methods, there is the potential for confusion over how they work. This confusion can be especially true when it comes to the lights on a vape. 

The lights on a vape pen battery serve as more than just eye-catching embellishments. They play a crucial role in conveying important information to consumers, helping them monitor battery life, temperature settings, and safety features. Understanding the significance of these lights empowers vape connoisseurs to optimize their experience and resolve issues that may arise with their battery during use. So why is your vape pen blinking? Let’s find out.

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Reasons Why Your Vape Pen is Blinkin

The inclusion of LED lights on vape pens serves as an informative feature, providing users with essential information about their device's status. Located on the battery, these lights are designed to indicate various parameters, such as battery life, temperature settings, and safety features. Different vape pen models employ different lighting systems, but common indications include a steady light, blinking lights, or color changes. By understanding these signals, users can optimize their vaping experience, ensure their device is functioning correctly, and take necessary actions if any issues arise.

Occasionally, you may encounter situations where your vape pen starts blinking. While the specific blink patterns can vary depending on the manufacturer and model, some general guidelines can help you troubleshoot the issue. Firstly, consult the user manual or online resources provided by the manufacturer, as they often contain troubleshooting information specific to your device. If you can't find a solution, a common approach is to try charging the battery, ensuring it has enough power to operate.

Vape Needs to Be Charged

Did your vape blink when you tried to take a hit? If your vape blinks and doesn’t produce any vapor when taking a hit, then it is likely blinking because the battery is out of power. Simply attach your battery to its charger and plug it in. The amount of time needed to charge your battery will vary based on the model. Once your vape is done charging, try it again to see if it now produces vapor.

Vape is Done Charging

Did your vape pen blink while it was charging? Then it is likely that the battery is at full charge and can be removed from the charger. 

Depending on your vape, there may be another indicator that it is done charging and ready to use. On some vape models, a light will change from red to green or vice versa. On other vapes, a light that indicates it is charging will blink and then turn off when it is ready. Consult the user manual that came with your vape for its specific charging procedure.

It is important not to overcharge your battery by keeping it plugged into the charger once it is full. Overcharging your vape can reduce the life of the battery and even cause it to fail. 

Vape Auto Shut-Off Activated

Did your battery’s light blink and then shut off after a long hit? This blinking likely indicated that the vape’s auto shut-off feature was activated. Most vape pens include this feature to prevent them from overheating. 

This auto-off feature doesn’t just prevent overheating from a long hit, though. It also keeps the battery from continuously heating when activated accidentally, like if it’s left turned on in your pocket or purse. To prevent accidental activation of your pen, be sure to power it down between uses. On many vape pens, you can turn them off and on by rapidly pressing a button five times. Check your vape’s individual user manual for its on/off procedures. 

*Remember, different vapes use different lights and blinking patterns. Always refer to the user manual that came with your vape pen to correctly troubleshoot why your vape is blinking.

Hitting a Blinker

What does hitting a blinker mean? Hitting a blinker or a blinker hit is when you take a long draw off your vape pen, stopping only once the vape blinks to indicate the auto shut-off feature has been activated. That means you take the longest possible hit off your vape pen. Long hits like this create large clouds of vapor. 

How long is a blinker hit? A blinker hit is usually between 8-10 seconds. The exact length of time for a blinker hit will depend on the vape battery you use since individual vapes have different auto shut-off times. Blinker hits take as long as it takes for your individual type of vape to blink, indicating the maximum heat time was reached. 

Why do people do blinker hits? There are several reasons people hit a blinker. The primary reason is to generate large clouds of vapor. These big clouds may look impressive to some and also produce potent effects. 

Blinker hits can be difficult for most people to do. Inhaling so much vapor for that long can be hard on the lungs. Blinker hits have become popular among vapers because they can be challenging and some think that they “look cool” to do.

Hitting a blinker is even a social media trend, with more and more influencers posting videos of themselves hitting a blinker with their vape pen. Posting a video of a blinker hit has become a way to show off vaping prowess, including lung capacity and endurance. Videos of people hitting blinkers have received millions of views and kickstarted the #blinkerchallenge on TikTok and Instagram. 

How to Take a Safe and Effective Vape Hit

Although blinkers may look cool on social media, hitting a blinker can negatively affect your health, harm your vape, and ruin your experience. Let’s take a closer look at the risks of hitting a blinker and how to take a better vape hit. 

Blinkers push your vape pen to its extremes, increasing the chance that you will overheat your vape. This overheating of the vape can ruin your cartridge or disposable’s flavor. There is also a chance that continuously overheating your vape could cause your atomizer to fail and your vape to clog or leak. Hitting a blinker also forces you to inhale thick, overheated vapor. This can irritate your lungs and negate some of the benefits of choosing vaping over smoking.

Instead of taking as long a hit as possible or hitting a blinker, only take hits that you can comfortably inhale without coughing. This is better for both you and your vape. With a little trial and error, you can find a rhythm that works for you. Remember, you don’t need to overdo it to enjoy your experience! 

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