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Living the Low-Temp Life: What Are the Advantages of Vaping at Low Voltages?

CCELL Marketing 2023-09-12

Vaping has become the go-to alternative to smoking for many consumers, but did you know that the temperature at which you vape can strongly impact your experience?

Unlike smoking, where combustion occurs once a flame is applied, temperature plays an important role in vaping – affecting things like flavor and potency. However, even when vaping oils from your favorite 510 vape cartridge, temperature can affect your enjoyment of your vape.

However, to fully understand the importance of temperature in vaping, it is critical to understand the difference between vaporization and combustion. Vaporization and combustion occur at very different temperatures. Herbal combustion first occurs at around 451°F, but joints burn at around 1000°F. These high temps are a big reason why smoking is bad for your health.  

Vaporization of the plant’s active compounds and terpenes occurs at a much lower temperature, usually around 300-430°F, activating the plant or oil’s natural compounds but not creating smoke.

If a vape’s temperature is set too high, it can overheat your material, creating harsh vapor or, in the case of dry herb vapes, possibly smoke. The amount of heat that a vape produces is directly tied to the voltage the battery puts out. Some batteries have fixed voltage; others give you the option to choose between several voltage settings. Choosing a variable voltage vape battery with adjustable heating allows you to tailor your session to your specific preferences, so you can enjoy consuming your own way. 

CCELL has all the hardware you need to live that low-temp life. Many of our convenient portable vape batteries feature variable temp control. Easy-to-adjust temp settings allow you to dial in your perfect balance of flavor and vapor, every time. Low-temperature vaping offers an array of benefits, from improved flavor to smoother draws, improving the overall experience exponentially. Keep reading to learn more. 

CCELL’s Approach to Low-Temperature Vaping

If you are looking to take advantage of low-temp vaping with a 510 vape cartridge, then you will want to find a vape battery that offers variable voltage settings that let you choose between different temperatures. Thankfully, CCELL offers plenty of vape batteries that include this feature. 

When using CCELL batteries with variable voltage, try using the lowest setting to generate low heat. The Palm Pro, Sandwave, or M3B Pro all offer three temp choices. Many other CCELL vapes have two simple temperature settings. These include the Go Stik, Rizo, and M3 Plus. Operating your variable voltage vape on the lowest setting will heat your vape cartridge enough to fully vaporize its terpenes and other compounds without overheating the oil. Using a lower voltage setting also extends your vape’s battery life since less power is being drained for each hit you take.

Of course, temperature choice when vaping is ultimately a personal decision, and you should always choose the voltage that creates your ideal vape session. Regardless of how you consume with CCELL, you can rely on us to provide an exceptional experience, session after session. Keep reading to see if all of the benefits the low-temp life provides sound right for you. 

Advantages of Low-Temperature Vaping with CCELL Products

While you might have heard that higher temps create larger clouds of vapor, using high heat on your vape cartridge can negatively affect the flavor of your vapor, damage your vape cartridge, or cause irritation of your throat and lungs.

This has caused many consumers to turn down their vapes and enjoy the many benefits of seshing at low-temps, including greater flavor, smoother vapor, extended battery life, and less lung fatigue. 

For the vaporization of your oil’s active compounds, a minimum temperature of 315°F is needed. Once you reach temps closer to 500°F, you risk burning the oil and creating a harsh vapor. Choosing the lowest necessary temperature for your vape ensures the terpenes and active ingredients are vaporized, but avoid overheating. Let’s take a closer look at why you should switch to low-temp vaping. 

Enhanced Flavor Purity

You don’t always need thick clouds of vapor to enjoy your cartridge. In fact, lower temperatures will increase the tastiness of your vape by preserving the terpenes that give it its flavor. 

Terpenes vary widely in both vaporization points and combustion points. Some terpenes, like humulene, vaporize at temps as low as 225°F. Others, like linalool, vaporize at temps closer to 390°F. 

Most of your oil’s terpenes and all of its other active compounds vaporize before 430°F, so it can be argued that this should be the highest heat you use. That means these terpenes can best be enjoyed at your vape’s lower power settings. On higher settings, the terpenes in your oil will be degraded by the extreme heat. Using high heat settings can also cause your oil to burn, especially when taking long hits.

Terpenes aren’t just about flavor, though. Research supports the idea that terpenes have physiological benefits as well, which is why aromatherapy is purported to work. By destroying the integrity of your oil’s terpenes, you may also be limiting the potential scope of its effects. 

Choosing a top-quality vape like ours also ensures consistent, even heating for rich, flavorful hits without overheating. 

Smooth Draws and Comfortable Vapor

When vaping, using lower temperatures will produce cooler, thinner clouds of vapor. For many enthusiasts, the smoother hits from low temps are preferable because they are easier on the throat and lungs, and can prevent irritation. When compared to the hot, harsh hits created by high-heat vaping, these cooler hits can be more enjoyable over time as well. 

Extended Battery Life

Choosing lower voltage settings on your vape can extend its battery life since you will use less power for each hit you take. This is ideal for users who require longer sessions or may be away from a charger and unable to recharge regularly. 

You can also extend your battery life and prevent overheating if you take the time to turn your vape off between sessions. This will prevent it from activating accidentally when the button is pressed in your pocket or purse if your battery has one. 

When used in conjunction with one of our cartridges, CCELL batteries also offer superior efficiency along with optimized power usage.

Reduced Risk, Maximized Safety

Burning your oil can occur if you use too high a temperature, take too long a hit, or don’t allow your oil to adequately cool between hits. We have included safety measures on our 510 vape batteries to help reduce the likelihood of overheating your vape. 

CCELL has built-in temperature controls on many of its vape batteries. This allows you to choose the temperature that works best for you. Overheating can also happen if you take too long a hit. Our products all have automatic overheat protection in place, preventing your vape from remaining activated for too long. 

These preventative measures are put in place to protect your health, as well as the integrity of your vape. Research has shown that excessive heat while vaporizing can release more harmful byproducts than using low heat. 

Want to learn more about the risks of overheating your vape cartridge? Find out here

Cooler Vapor, Happier Lungs

Low-temp vaping isn’t just better for your vaporizer or cartridge; it can also be better for you! As we discussed above, the cooler vapor produced by low-temp vaping is more comfortable for your throat and lungs. Minimizing the irritation caused by thick, hot vapor can protect your long-term health. 

Choosing to vape at a lower voltage puts the heat at a more ideal place for optimal enjoyment of your oil’s active compounds while also enjoying the full flavor provided by the oil’s terpenes. Taking shorter hits can also ensure cooler vapor. Some vapes, such as the Palm Pro, include an adjustable airflow feature, so you can control how thick of a hit you get. This can help keep the vapor cooler and easier to inhale. 

Choosing the Right CCELL Device and Settings

Ready to get the benefits of lower vaping temperatures? We have you covered. Choosing a CCELL 510 vape battery with variable heating will allow you to select your perfect low heat setting. All of our variable voltage vapes offer a low voltage option of 2.8V – with many different options to choose from. Here are a few of our top choices:

Palm Pro

3 voltage settings (2.8, 3.2, 3.6V)

Adjustable airflow

Inhale activated

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2 voltage settings (2.8, 3.3V)

Haptic feedback

Inhale activated

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Go Stik

2 voltage settings (2.8, 3.2V)

Fits any cartridge size

Inhale activated

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Choosing to vape at a lower temperature can improve the flavor and effects of your vape cartridge while minimizing irritation in your throat and lungs. It can also prolong the life of your vape and avoid leaking. 

Give the low-temp life a try and start enjoying smoother hits and more robust flavors from your vape with CCELL. Any of our 510 thread compatible vapes can help you discover the benefits of low-temp vaping. From our variable temperature options and overheating protections to our sleek, comfortable-to-use designs, CCELL puts your safety and satisfaction first in all the vapes we offer. 

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