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Skye I (TH001) Skye I (TH001)


Minimized Body, Maximized Discretion

Tank Volume: 0.5ml

Battery Capacity: 330mAh

Dimensions: Φ10.0 × 104.0H (mm)

Stainless Steel Housing

Inhale Activated

Built-In LED Indicator

Available for Customization

Minimized Body, Maximized Discretion

Minimized Body, Maximized Discretion

Taking utmost discretion to mind, the Skye I is designed to look like a pen with no oil view design. Molded in one piece in stainless steel and highly customizable, Skye I allows you to tailor it to your exquisite taste in different colors and finishes.

The dainty and exquisite body makes it easy store and transport, ideal for both you and your customers.

Tiny Body,</br> Unlimited Surprises

Tiny Body,
Unlimited Surprises

Even at just barely 10cm, Skye I outperforms its tiny body. Equipped with a battery that’s just large enough to consume every drop of goodness, Skye I maximizes everything it has to give.

Skye I is draw-activated and requires no set up or launch time, offering a completely hassle-free experience for cannatourists or casual consumers who don’t vape often enough to own a battery.

Ceramic Heating Elements

Catering to the unique traits of various oils and viscosities, all of CCELL’s cartridges feature the renowned proprietary ceramic heating element. CCELL’s patented ceramic heating core was precisely engineered with the perfected porosity and structure that allows for purer flavors, more powerful potency, and minimal possibility of burnt tastes.

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