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DS01 Series DS01 Series

DS01 Series

Tiny, Mighty, Handy

Tank Volume: 0.3ml/0.5ml/1ml

Battery Capacity: 135-330mAh

Dimensions: φ0.41-0.42 x 3.67-4.59H (in) / φ10.5-10.6 x 93.3-116.7H (mm)

Screw-on or snap-fit (-UB) food-grade mouthpiece

Low lead brass or medical grade stainless steel (-UB) center post

Visible glass oil tank

Stainless steel body

LED indicator

Inhale activated

Micro-USB charging (-UB)

Available for customization

Tiny but Mighty

Tiny but Mighty

Size matters, but so does performance. Since its launch, the DS01 series has been the true embodiment of a convenient disposable vape without the slightest compromise on performance.
This pen-style disposable is available in 3 popular tank sizes and the new (-UB) line introduces a micro-USB rechargeable port to prolong shelf-life as well as to eliminate the worries of having a drained out battery with unfinished oil.

Easy to Cap

Easy to Cap

The newly released (–UB) line not only further minimized its size, making transport and storage easier, but is also designed with a snap-fit mouthpiece that makes capping a breeze.

Ceramic Heating Elements

Catering to the unique traits of various oils and viscosities, all of CCELL’s cartridges feature the renowned proprietary ceramic heating element. CCELL’s patented ceramic heating core was precisely engineered with the perfected porosity and structure that allows for purer flavors, more powerful potency, and minimal possibility of burnt tastes.

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