DS0103 DS0103


Stainless Steel Bodied Vape Pen Disposable

Tank Volume: 0.3ml

Battery Capacity: 190mAh

Dimensions: 10.5 × 93.7H (mm)

Stainless Steel Housing

Inhale Activated

Built-In LED Indicator

Micro-USB Charging Enabled (DS0103-U only )

Available for Customization

Tiny Body, Unlimited Potency.

Tiny Body, Unlimited Potency.

Equipped with ceramic heating elements and high performance battery, DS0103 is the champion in current disposable vaporizer pen market. Glass housing secures better anticorrosion property and better flowability of oil. Stainless steel housing is highly customizable with different colors and logos. The length of about 10cm makes carry and storage unprecedentedly simple and easy. DS0103, unlimited potency in a tiny body.

Convenience Equals Reliable Quality

Convenience Equals Reliable Quality

It's easy to think that disposable model means lower quality, but CCELL has successfully broke through that stereotype.
CCELL is so considerate that disposable models are also available to offer you completely hassle-free experience with the same extraordinary performance. They are perfect for the casual consumer who doesn't vape often enough to necessitate a battery of their own and constant travelers.

Ceramic Heating Elements

Precisely engineered to replace conventional wick-based coils, in order to deliver the most flavorful vapor and largest clouds for various viscosity, CCELL cartridges feature the revolutionary CCELL ceramic heating element within. Its disposable design promises zero maintenance, perfect anti-leakage, and high hygienic standard.

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