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Blanc Blanc


Full Ceramic All-In-One Device

Tank Volume: 0.5ml

Battery Capacity: 190mAh

Dimensions: φ0.42 x 4.62H (in) / φ10.6 x 117.4H (mm)

Snap-fit aluminum ceramic mouthpiece

Zirconia ceramic center post

Glass oil tank

Metal body

LED indicator

Inhale activated

Micro-USB charging

Available for customization

Sleek Design

Sleek Design

Blanc is not your typical ceramic vape - it is designed both for functionality and beauty, using a proprietary ceramic formula that allows the product to be both sturdy and sleek.
This metal-bodied disposable vape presents a modern, stylish look that emphasizes the beauty of the ceramic contained within.

Easy Capping

Easy Capping

With 60% less force required, the snap-fit design makes batch capping a breeze.

Every Drop Counts

Every Drop Counts

Blanc has a rechargeable (up to 10 times), micro-USB compatible battery that allows users to vape with peace of mind knowing every drop of oil is atomized perfectly.

Clean, Safe, Worry-Free

Clean, Safe, Worry-Free

Elevate your vaping experience with our state-of-the-art full ceramic cartridge.
Thanks to its ceramic center post and mouthpiece, Blanc provides cleaner, purer flavors, with the highest level of consumer safety possible.

Ceramic Heating Elements

Catering to the unique traits of various oils and viscosities, all of CCELL’s cartridges feature the renowned proprietary ceramic heating element. CCELL’s patented ceramic heating core was precisely engineered with the perfected porosity and structure that allows for purer flavors, more powerful potency, and minimal possibility of burnt tastes.

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