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Rosin Bar Rosin Bar

Rosin Bar

100% Rosin-Ready

Tank Volume: 0.5ml

Battery capacity: 300mAh

Dimensions: 3.54H x 0.94W x 0.51D (in)/ 90H x 24W x 13D (mm)

THC and terpene partitioned atomization

Two clog-free/burnt flavor-free oil pathways

Isolated airway for clean vapor and enhanced safety

Full metal housing

Inhale activated

USB-C charging

Food-grade mouthpiece and center post

Available for customization

THC and Terpene Partitioned Atomization

THC and Terpene Partitioned Atomization

Traditionally, your extracts’ THC and terpenes are heated up at the same temperature within the same space, which can lead to unsatisfactory flavors. You may be inclined to lower the voltage to preserve their flavors, but this can reduce their potency with less vapor.

The Rosin Bar is the ultimate solution to these problems. It atomizes both cannabinoids and terpenes at optimal temperatures in separate areas powered by multi-level heating distribution. This new structure allows for true-to-plant flavors with robust clouds, guaranteeing next-level performance from your Rosin.

Two Oil Pathways,</br> Zero Clogs or Burnt Flavors

Two Oil Pathways,
Zero Clogs or Burnt Flavors

Step into the future of Rosin hardware... Where clogs and harsh, burnt tastes are a thing of the past. The Rosin Bar contains two oil pathways within its heating element, ensuring a continuous oil supply to prevent dry hits from insufficient oil saturation. This design also promotes the instant delivery of massive vapor clouds.

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