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Explore CCELL cartridges that set both performance and safety standards for the industry, featuring our proprietary ceramic heating technology and top-grade materials.

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What is a 510 thread cartridge?

The most common type of vape cartridge is one with a 510 thread. The type of threading used to screw the bottom of the cartridge to the appropriate vape battery is referred to as 510.

Why are CCELL cartridges better?

The CCELL cartridge uses a revolutionary ceramic heating element to replace the traditional cotton core. The patented ceramic formula with evenly distributed coils can swiftly absorb, store and atomize thick oil, allowing the oil can release the purest flavor and its best effect without scorching and waste.

Does CCELL fill cartridges?

No, CCELL only produces and sells cartridges. CCELL does not produce, distribute or sell any material filled in cartridges and disposables.

Are CCELL 510 cartridges a full glass cartridge?

The shell of the TH2 cartridge and TH205-RYS cartridge is all glass, but the shell of the M6T cartridge is crafted of highly corrosion-resistant plastic.

Are CCELL cartridges tested for heavy metals?

Yes, all CCELL cartridges have passed the heavy metal test, and the core component material has been upgraded to medical grade 316L stainless steel.

Are CCELL vape cartridges safe?

All CCELL products are manufatured with FDA-approved high quality materials under extremely rigorous safety control. CCELL products have obtained safety certificates from following authoritative quality systems: FDA, RoHS, FCC, CE, UL.

How to open CCELL cartridge and refill it?

In addition, CCELL products that contain batteries, in compliance with UN38.3, PI967 and SP188, meet different safety requirements for transportation of lithium batteries, guaranteeing safer products for diversified shipment options.

Can I reuse CCELL 510 cartridges?

It is not recommended. The cartridge is only supported for one-time use after being filled. Repeated use will affect the experience.

How long does a CCELL cartridge last?

It all depends. The number of activations provided by a single cartridge is affected by a variety of factors. The duration of inhalation and the type of plant-derived extract are two factors to consider. Oil is vaporized at a steady rate of 5mg every 3-second draw with our cartridges. A 0.5mL cartridge would last approx. 100 draws based on this level of consumption.

Which type of batteries is compatible with CCELL 510 thread cartridge?

Its compatible with all batteries with 510 thread. For a better experience, it is recommended to pair CCELL 510 cartridges with CCELL 510 batteries, such as PALM, SILO, M3, M3B and more.