Klean Klean


Made for High Terpene Extracts

Tank Volume: 0.5ml/1ml

Dimensions: Φ10.5 x 51.65/63.55H (mm)/ Φ0.41 x 2.03/2.5H (in)

Resistance: 1.5Ω

CCELL EVO all-new ceramic heating element

Snap-fit PCTG mouthpiece

316 stainless steel center post

Borosilicate glass oil tank

Stainless steel cartridge sleeve

Available for customization

Made for High Terpene Extracts

Made for High Terpene Extracts

Klean’s advanced design and intentional engineering ensures that it prevents clogs, providing a clean and tasty vaping experience every time. Enjoy dense, rich clouds packed with true-to-taste terpenes as nature intended.

Defend Your Dank

Defend Your Dank

Klean allows you to consume with confidence and peace of mind. Designed with a sleek and modern metal sleeve, Klean protects your oil from deterioration caused by exposure to sunlight, while also providing discretion and privacy for those who want to fly under the radar.

Cartridge with a Creative Canvas

Cartridge with a Creative Canvas

Designed with both protection and personalization in mind, Klean’s protective metal sleeve is not only sleek and durable, but also provides ample space for customization. Showcase your brand's style and add your own unique flair to Klean’s design.

Hassle-Free Batch-Capping

Hassle-Free Batch-Capping

Streamline your production process with a quick, hassle-free snap, and save valuable time and resources with Klean’s snap-fit design. Batch-capped at 50 pieces at a time, Klean provides a tight, secure seal in a flash.

Made for High Terpene Extracts

Klean is our new high-terpene content compatible cartridge, a true testament to our dedication to preserving the authentic flavors of the extracts and the pinnacle of vaping for aficionados and connoisseurs.

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Snap-fit Cartridges

Batch-capped at 50 pieces at a time


CCELL EVO Ceramic Heating Core

Delivers enhanced tasted, larger clouds, maximum consistency, and greater consumer safety


Stainless Steel Cartridge Sleeve

Provides extra protection and maximum discretion

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