Smoore Obtained UL and CNAS Certificates

CCELL Marketing 2019-12-24

Smoore was granted with new CNAS (China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment) certificate and became the first company in China’s e-cigarettes and vaporizers industry that was certified officially. In April, the company passed the UL (Underwriters Laboratories) assessment and is eligible to participate in the UL Witness Test Data Program, which proves its compliance with UL 8139, a stringent and prestigious standard for the e-cigarettes and vaping devices industry.

The Smoore Fundamental Research Center, which was certified by CNAS covers various crucial testing programs for electronic vaping devices such as chemical analysis, mechanical performance testing, and structural characterization testing, etc. Also, it owns some of the most cutting-edge testing equipment that lends support and validation to the unprecedented quality of Smoore’s ceramic heating elements. 

UL is a global safety certification company with over 100 years history and is recognized as one of the most authoritative organizations in product safety testing. They developed a voluntary industry standard UL 8139 to help manufacturers address vaping devices’ potential safety issues. Due to the essential role UL 8139 plays in the safety of vaping devices, it is also believed to be a crucial part for such companies to obtain the PMTA certification.

With both certifications granted, Smoore is capable of conducting world-class electronic vaping device testing and can provide strong technical support for the excellent quality of our products. Furthermore, it means that Smoore no longer has to ship products oversea for testing, which significantly increases productivity and efficiency.


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