Flex Flex


Flexibility Maximized

Tank Volume: 0.5ml/ 1ml

Battery Capacity: 280mAh

Dimensions: 109.3H/110.2H x 22W x 10.5D (mm) / 4.3H/4.34H x 0.87W x 0.41D (in)

Customizable oil window and mouthpiece shape

0.5ml and 1ml options available at the same size

Clog-free dual air vents

USB-C charging

Food-grade mouthpiece

Medical-grade stainless steel center post

Ready for Infinite Variations

Ready for Infinite Variations

Proudly flex your Flex in any configuration you desire. Flex can be customized to fit any oil window shape you specify: square, rectangle, circle, ellipse, or even a star. Its minimalistic design further enables a wide variety of sophisticated surface finishes that will allow your brand's flair to be the star of the show.

One Size, Two Volumes.

One Size, Two Volumes.

Flex was designed with the flexibility to house 0.5ml or 1ml of oil without altering the size or shape of the external hardware*. This allows oil brands to expand their product range in a flash and utilize the same packaging for both available sizes.
*The internal structure of both sizes is different; tank volume must be defined during order placement.

Clog-Free, Worry-Free.

Clog-Free, Worry-Free.

Flex is the ideal disposable for anyone looking for a dependable and hassle-free vaping experience. Built with CCELL's cutting-edge dual air vent design, Flex ensures effortless, smooth draws with no clogs and consistent vapor delivery every time.

Ceramic Heating Elements

Catering to the unique traits of various oils and viscosities, all of CCELL’s cartridges feature the renowned proprietary ceramic heating element. CCELL’s patented ceramic heating core was precisely engineered with the perfected porosity and structure that allows for purer flavors, more powerful potency, and minimal possibility of burnt tastes.

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