M6 Series 510 Compatible Cartridge


Tank Volume: 0.5ml (M6T05) / 1.0ml (M6T10)

Dimensions: Φ10.5 × 57.4H / Φ10.5 × 67.9H (mm)

Plastic Housing

Standard 510 Thread

Available for Customization

Revolutionary Ceramic Heating Technology

Revolutionary Ceramic Heating Technology

Precisely engineered to deliver the most flavorful vapor and largest clouds for various viscosity, CCELL cartridges feature the revolutionary CCELL ceramic heating element within. By replacing conventional wick-based coils, CCELL cartridges offer users a much purer flavor and more powerful potency to indulge in without the need to preheat. Its disposable design promising zero maintenance, perfect anti-leakage, and high hygienic standard.

Our Attentiveness in Quality

Our Attentiveness in Quality

Bearing the utmost safety and experience in mind, CCELL cartridges were made with food-grade material mouthpieces and medical-grade 316L stainless steel internals. With CCELL cartridges, CCELL sets new safety standards for the industry. The must-have for connoisseurs who appreciate treasure luxury experience and care-free moments in life.

The Purest Taste

Made of food and medical-grade material, paired with highly customizable mouth pieces and standard 510 thread, M6T series has earned the most popularity and reputation due to its cost efficiency and premium quality.

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Pressed-in Mouthpiece.

Fully Customizable Food-Grade Plastic Mouthpiece.


Decorating Ring

LOGO printing service available on decorating ring.


Revolutionary Ceramic Heating Elements

Ceramic core porosity ensures continuous fluid saturation.

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